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The Basic Tiki Structure

For an impressive Polynesian touch, order a Tiki hut and some bamboo bar stools and position them where you plan to hold your Hawaiian-themed parties.

Tiki bars may have peaked during the 1960s, but partygoers all over the world are now reviving the Tiki lifestyle. If before, you had to drive to the nearest Tiki bar to enjoy your zombie amid a tropical ambiance, you can now just shop online for all the Tiki bar essentials and have one constructed right in your own backyard.

For an impressive Polynesian touch, order a Tiki hut and some bamboo bar stools and position them where you plan to hold your Hawaiian-themed parties. You can put it on your deck, your patio or at the poolside. Tiki huts are made of bamboo frames and panels, and the roof thatch provides a shade several degrees cooler than a regular canvas cover. At the same time, these huts are designed to withstand heavy rains and wind. If you decide to construct a full bar, ensure that you get an assembly that comes with electrical outlets for small appliances such as blenders, mini-refs, and ceiling fans.

More on the Tiki structure

A large part of the Tiki hut's structure is made of bamboo. Bamboo is a sturdy construction material in that it can withstand extreme weather conditions and does not rot as easily as regular hardwood. In fact, under long-term use, the bamboo's weathered patina gives even more authenticity to the Polynesian feel you are looking for.

Tiki huts are best when placed in a corner on your deck, at the patio or at the poolside for a really swinging Tiki swim party. The prices of Tiki bar sets range from $800 to a whopping $14,000. A good quality Tiki bar will weigh over half a ton, as this includes wood shelves, thatched roofing materials and its support structure. Ensure that you purchase only from highly reliable companies so that the products you receive will last you a long time. The Tiki bar's structure should have excellent design so it would not give way despite the roof's weight.

Assemble your own Tiki bar

It is to the homeowner's advantage that Tikis are currently enjoying a comeback. First, it is now possible to shop for everything you need online. Place an order for a set you've chosen and have it shipped right to your door in just a few days.

Second, Tiki bars come in a variety of designs and sizes, so it's up to you to decide whether you just want a small Tiki bar with a few stools or if you'd rather have the works -- a full Tiki bar complete with ceiling fans, shelves and appliances.

Lastly, Tiki bar assembly has become much simpler and it is now possible for any do-it-yourselfer to construct his or her own tropical island-inspired Tiki bar.  

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