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We have compiled information and designs about tiki bars and tiki accessories. Here you can make an informed decision as to which type of tiki bar or accessories best fits your backyard patio.


Welcome to tiki bar designs. We have answers to some of the most common questions about tiki and tiki bars. It is our desire to help you learn more about tiki bars before you buy.  

The Tiki bar's history

Shortly before the outbreak of World War I, destinations to the South Seas became all the rage. This was the golden age of travel, and well-to-do Americans and Europeans became fascinated with the exploration of exotic islands. Suddenly, capitalists competed with each other in putting up the snazziest bars and nightclubs echoing the widely sought Pacific flavor.

The first Don the Beachcomber restaurant, founded by Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt, who later came to be known as Don Beach, opened as soon as the Prohibition was lifted. This was a mere two blocks away from the Seven Seas, the Tiki bar opened by Bob Brooks, another pioneering businessman. Don the Beachcomber employed a lot of furnishings to create the Tiki effect: fishing floats, starfish, idol figures and other exotic artifacts. This establishment was credited with developing the present concept of Tiki bars. Don introduced Tiki into the menus, drinks, and music. Soon enough, Tiki bars mushroomed all over the world. Read the full article.......


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